Fire Red Anger

The end of Fire Red Anger, The beginning of the next Adventure

Recently, we completed my adventure and will type up what happened to each character.
Legolas, along with Alfred and the Dwarf (sorry, forgot his name.) , they defeated the Darkness and became legends. Alfred, predicted tragic events and lived for over 1000 years. On his death bed, he said something that will trouble the world for centuries to come.
“There will come a day where Technology will consume magic, where humans will no longer care for kindness, just what is right or wrong according to law. Darkness will rise again but humans will not care. But all is not lost, for when there’s evil, good will rise up to stop it.”
Legolas lived a quiet life after the adventure, and lived out his day working as a hunter to feed him and his friends. He died at the age of 1050 years old. The Dwarf never looked back. He didn’t regret leaving his clan because they were boring. He enjoyed his life with his new friends and lived out his life as a mercenary. He died from a mission when he was 950 years old.

Leonardo and Brun Kah gave their lives for the darkness. Brun Kah was a great fighter and took down The Charismatic Elf (again, forgot the name, sorry) and Daniel the Mercenary. He met his match though when he came face to face with the Dwarf. His body smashed up by the Dwarf Hammer, He thought about his life and smiled at what he has done. He died an accomplished orc and will become a legend, famous and infamous. Leonardo however, ran away when he saw the orc die and is pursued by General Fire, A man who finds his existence annoying. No one knows what happened to Leonardo, some people say that he is alive and is running till this day. Other people say that he died a while ago, and nobody even realised it. Either way, he is remembered as a coward who hadn’t done a single brave thing, just hid behind the bigger force.

Daniel didn’t finish his job. He was sent by the Elf Queen to kill the one that threatened her relationship with the King. He didn’t end up killing her and even had trouble with a bandit archer. He life was shortly ended by Bruh Kah with a sweep of his axe, Daniel was beheaded. Some called him the inexperience but most called him the unlucky because nothing went his way.

Drakonas, after killing Sofin Remore, live out his days celebrating at the pub and died of too much alcohol. A water mage found his body and picked up the fire book. “Don’t wanna have this in the wrong hands” he muttered and pocketed the book.

John Book, the helpful mage, disappeared after the victory since. Some say he is immortal, waiting for the next time the world is in trouble. Others say that he will never been seen again. Either way, he is known for his great wisdom and how he brought the heroes together.

That’s it. Good wins, evil is scattered and nothing really happens for the next million years. The next adventure will be after those million years where Alfred’s prophecy will come true.

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